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  • Aftenposten
    One of the most widely circulated newspapers in Norway. The newspaper published by the Schibsted ASA, which also owns newspapers in Sweden and Estonia.
  • VG – Verdens Gang
    Leading tabloid format newspaper published in Oslo, Norway. The newspaper contains articles about news, politics, climate, economy, golf, football, tennis, music, literature, film, travel tips, business, comics, and more
  • Dagbladet
    One of the largest newspapers in Norway based in Havnelageret, Oslo. The newspaper published by AS Avishuset Dagbladet.
  • Bergensavisen
    Norwegian Bokmållocal newspaper published in Bergen, Norway.
  • Adresseavisen
    Norwegian daily newspaper published in Trondheim, Norway.
  • Fædrelandsvennen
    Regional newspaper published in Kristiansand, Norway. The newspaper contains in-depth articles about local and world news, culture, movie and music reviews, festivals, comics, soccer, handball, athletics, football league, and travel.


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