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Top Palestinian Newspapers and News Sites

  • Al Quds
    Largest Arabic newspaper published in the Palestinian territories. The Al-Quds is a broadsheet format newspaper based in Jerusalem
  • Al Aqsa
    This channel began broadcasting in 2006 from Gaza, Sheikh Radwan. Al-Aqsa TV is the official Hamas-run television channel. Its programming includes news talk, children’s shows and religiously inspired entertainment.
  • Palestinian Information Center
    Comprehensive daily coverage of the conflict from from the Hamas point of view. In Arabic, Turkish, English, French, Russian, and Urdu language.
  • Ma’an news agency
    One of the main sources of independent news from Palestine. Published by a non-profit media organization Ma’an Network.
  • International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)
    Independent daily news service dedicated to the coverage of the Israel / Palestine conflict.


All Palestinian Newspapers and News Sites

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